November 18th edit: Unfortunately the shelter is closing for visitors/volunteers until December 10th – so all dates before then are no longer available. Sunday December 11th are the only times they can offer at this time. We hope to get more opportunities when they re-open! 

Bide Awhile - Kitten and Cat appointments

(Edit: The shelter is being closed to visitors/volunteers until Dec 10 - we hope to get more appointments after they re-open this opportunity, and we will reshare this form when that happens. Sorry for any inconvenience) Big Brothers. Big Sisters and Bide Awhile Pet Adoption would like to offer Matches a chance to interact with kittens and cats! Matches will spend approximately one hour with the kittens and one hour with the larger cats. Only 2 Matches can attend each session, so please only sign up for appointments if you know you are free to attend. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please contact Bide Awhile to let them know (902-469-9578). 67 Neptune Crescent, Dartmouth(Required)
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