New dates for January 2023 added!!! Please note some rules – Bigs are to stay with their Littles at all times. No rough play with kittens or cats. Please listen to the staff at Bide Awhile. The two hour time slot is all we can offer at this time. Once your time is over please allow the next group to come.

Bide Awhile - Kitten and Cat appointments

Big Brothers Big Sisters and Bide Awhile Pet Adoption would like to offer Matches a chance to interact with kittens and cats! Matches will spend approximately one hour with the kittens and one hour with the larger cats. Only 2 Matches can attend each session, so please only sign up for appointments if you know you are free to attend. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please contact Bide Awhile to let them know (902-469-9578). 67 Neptune Crescent, Dartmouth(Required)
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