Confidentiality & Privacy

Board members will be privy to confidential information as they carry out their governance duties. This may include

  • financial information of the organization
  • human resources information
  • proprietary information related to events or our social enterprise
  • partnerships and donor/funder information

Every Board member will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as part of their onboarding.

Some information about our Board members is available to the public and is submitted to entities such as CRA and the Registry of Joint Stocks. We keep an up-to-date contact list of work and home address information. Board member’s workplace and/or area of expertise is shared on our agency website, along with a short bio (approved by each Board member) which describes agency involvement. At no time, will the agency disclose home contact details or other personal information about our Board members to the general public. Donor status may be shared in our Annual Report if not requested to be anonymous.